Company Policy

Order Submission

All clients will be provided with either an order form to fill in electronically to place their order or place their order online with our online forms. All teams will be responsible for ensuring that all information on the order forms are correct at the time their order is placed. Certion Clothier will not be held liable for any information submitted by a team, organization, or individual that is incorrect. Please review all order forms before submitting them to Certion Clothier for production. Hand written order forms will not be accepted. Orders will only be accepted in with order forms provided by Certion Clothier and filled out electronically in Microsoft Excel or PDF. 

Order Changes

  • Certion Clothier will work to produce your order as quickly as possible, due to this we do not allow changes to your order once it has been submitted. (Changes include numbers, sizes, names, colors, logos, or any items that affect the production time of your order.)
  • If you need to add new uniforms to your order or after the initial order is placed they may have a different delivery date from the original order.

Order Errors

Any mistakes made by Certion Clothier that cause incorrect sizing, numbers, player names, or team names will be corrected by Certion Clothier at no additional cost to the team affected. All orders are custom and will not be refunded once delivered but we will make every reasonable effort to correct any mistakes made by Certion Clothier

Any mistakes made by customers that cause incorrect sizing, numbers, player names, or team names that have to be corrected by making new apparel will be charged to the customer at a reduced rate if the items have to be remade.  

Shipping and Transit Times

Orders are shipped to our offices domestically and internationally from our production facility before being dispatched to our customers. If a shipment is held in customs or delayed for any reason by the shipping company Certion Clothier is not liable for delays. Shipments take up to three days to be received at our offices then approximately 1 to 5 days to be delivered to our customers depending on your location. We are located in Marietta, GA and use UPS and FEDEX so please check with either service for transit times from zip code 30127 for approximate shipping times for Ground and Priority Shipping. If you require overnight or expedited shipping you will be required to cover the shipping fees.  

Overnight shipping caused by delays

If you are advised to place your order by a particular date to receive your uniforms in time for a game/event and you fail to do so which results in the order having to be shipped overnight or a two day shipping the shipping charge increase will be assessed on your final bill.


Order Turnaround Time

All orders will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete; orders will not be placed until the deposit is paid. Orders may finish sooner and you will be notified on order progress if so. Turnaround time is affected by order date and order size. We recommend that you order at least six weeks before you need your items. If you are provided a guaranteed delivery time outside of these terms, this will not apply. 

Adding Uniforms After Delivery

We do our best to meet all of your team needs which means at times adding uniforms after the initial order has been delivered. This is not a problem just keep in mind that the additional orders will have a production time similar to your first order. If you need to add less than the minimum of 12 uniforms the prices will increase for a small order run. Price increases will be as follows for all sports. 

1 to 5 uniforms the cost will be $90 per uniform 

6 to 11 uniforms the cost will be $750 per uniform


Certion Clothier will repair or replace uniforms with normal wear and tear for the first three games. You must provide a game schedule at time of sending items in for repair or replacement to show game dates. The only time we will completely replace a jersey is if the jersey is damaged beyond repair due to normal circumstances in game play. If you have tackle twill numbers that stitching comes loose we will repair the stitching but we will not replace the entire jersey for this issues.